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West and Knox Mutual Insurance Company was created on February 7, 1878 by representatives of the Farm Mutual Fire Association of Ohio as an assessment mutual company. The purpose of this Association was to furnish windstorm protection to Members of the Fire Association at a reasonable cost. The policyholders were assessed at the end of each year to pay their proportionate share of the company’s expense for that year.

Many changes in the operation of the Association have been made since 1878, including the name, to it’s present day title “West and Knox Mutual Insurance Company.”

We provide fire extended coverage for Homes, Farms, Mobile Homes, Rentals, Renter’s contents and Churches.

The company has served continuously since the date of organization at the nominal cost to its Members.

We are dedication to the continual improvement of our products, technology, and assistance to provide the best possible service to our customers.


We can help you tailor your home insurance coverage to fit your needs.


Protect your farm with coverage that combines all your needs into one convenient package.


Get the essential property and liability coverage you need to protect your investment property and yourself.


We have a broad range of coverages for mobile homes.


Adding your auto insurance policy together with your homeowners, farm, or mobile home policy gives you bundling discounts.


We can help you protect your organization.


As an Agency, we can offer you coverage on your commercial business.


We can provide insurance for just about any specialty.

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